Rough Collie

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Posted: 29-03-2012

This pretty, elegant sheepdog was bred to work in the Scottish mountains herding and guarding flocks. The Rough Collie today still retains these working instincts, meaning it needs plenty of daily exercise. They love to play retrieving games with the whole family and thrive in obedience training.

The Smooth Coated variety differs from the Rough Collie by having a smoother, shorter coat. The Rough Coated version is far more well known though, thanks to the books, films and television series; many people still refer to this breed as the Lassie dog. Because of their thick coat, the Rough Collie can withstand cold weather, but care must be taken in summer with this long haired variety, as they can overheat.

In terms of personality the breed can be slightly shy and reserved, but this can be avoided with plenty of early socialisation as is always advised. They can be quite vocal and some do retain very strong herding instincts which may not make them suitable for everyone. Overall though this is a friendly and loyal breed that is rarely aggressive.

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